We are a committed team of technology professionals specializing in the real estate industry. Our main goal is to connect and collaborate with other real estate professionals while helping to grow their businesses. We are here to share our proven methods and tools that we also use to be successful real estate professional. Connect with us today!

OPPORTUNITY — "When Opportunity Knocks, Open The Door"
STRATEGY — "A Satisfied Customer Is Our Business Strategy"
STANDOUT — "You Can Either Fit In Or Standout, Not Both"
we are in this together, and that's a good thing

Your Success Is Our Success.

There are CRAZY amounts of marketing systems out there. If you try to figure them all out you will GO CRAZY. Get more leads and grow your business without going crazy or breaking the bank. We are invested in your success. We help set up and provide your team with systems, resources, and our proven processes that allow you to focus on more important activities and closing deals.

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Innovation & Improvement

A successful marketing plan relies heavily on research, planning & proper execution of the master plan. That is what we do for you to get crazy leads. On your behalf, we identify the opportunities that will generate qualified leads for your business.

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Meet The Team

Together We Win

Jeromé Cooper

CEO & Co-Founder
I run a boutique consulting agency helping companies define and build effective marketing stratagies. I’ve been working in marketing & real estate for over 10 years and as an independent consultant for the last 3 years - working with real estate professionals, media companies and startups - advising on content marketing, brand, audience development, organizational design, lead intake and overall growth. I think of clients like partners and typically don’t get hired to make spreadsheets. I’ll make the spreadsheets anyway, but you hire me to care about your business.
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Gabe Gunlock

COO & Co-Founder
I've been a designer and entrepreneur for almost 2 decades. I discovered audio and visual design at age 18 and never looked back. I'm passionate about working with amazing people on top quality projects. I specialize in marketing for the real estate real estate professionals and building the first modern real estate platform, pairing the industry’s top talent with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless.
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Jason Cooper

Executive Partner
My responsibilities are to spread good vibes. I work on creating, communicating, and implementing our organization's vision, mission, and overall direction. We help your team by leading the development and implementation of the overall organization's strategy to help your businesses grow. I help people solve problems. I build rapport with new and existing business owners while multi-tasking and troubleshooting technical issues. I definitely network and can connect people! I enjoy learning about new products and services to become a expert on providing solutions based on customer goals. I can help resolve technical issues related to any, SEO, Social media management, Call tracking, Hosting service, FTP clients, cPanel, WordPress, Plesk, MySQL, DNS, and more while navigating through multiple systems. I call it the matrix! ;) I’m always learning new skills required to help be successful for any industry. If I’m not an expert... I know someone that is! Extensive internet and computer knowledge. I live passionately, own outcomes, work fearlessly, and join forces!
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